One of the top retreats for YOU to finally step into who you were destined to be.
Undersatnding that we do not do Spiritual retreats of the norm!

A Powerful Blend of Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual and empowerment where it’s still ok to shout a good Feck now and the, to drink a glass of Champers (or tipple of your choice) and eat what the hell you want.
Valbonne, South of France | August 12th – 17th 2019

Be prepared for a spiritual unleashing journey that is not of the norm, Bryanna and Ann have a different approach to supporting you unleash the true you!! To what being spiritual is.

Would you like to be who YOU want to be, to have such a strong profound connection to your higher self and inner knowing. . To really just be the person you were always destined to be?

You know it’s time, you feel it stronger than ever, you know you’ve to take that next step.. To rise and step into your truth, to who you REALLY want to be.

Then our Phoenix Transformation Retreat is the space for you.
All inclusive, surrounded by luxury in a beautiful village, called a vortex of creation itself, Valbonne.

Feel Powerful; Stepping into who YOU WANT to be. Removing the shackles of fear keeping you stuck, blocked or hidden.

Realizing your power, Believing in Your Power and Using Your Power.

Open the floodgates to an Abundant life; Achieving a new sense of clarity for your path and purpose. Ready to step into the life you love, work that you love. Ready to unleash your true calling.

You CAN Be Prosperous Doing What You Love and Love What You Do.

Feel Loved & Appreciated; You will be brimming with  a whole new profound Love of life. Allowing your true self to be unleashed and shine in the world the way you were always destined to be.

Celebrating and Adoring ALL of yourself, Body Mind and Soul.

Trust me when I say, you want to have this combination so you can truly have success in your business, and live a free, harmonious life. Where you will be taken to a whole new level.



Phoenix Transformation is for you and we are already welcoming you as you are about to join us…

This really is YOUR time to RISE & SHINE

Imagine waking up in a historic rustique French building, looking out your window to see lush surroundings and gardens. Sit on your private balcony, with a glass of bubbles feeling the sun energize and revitalize you.

The perfect place to be, where you powerfully release all that no longer serves you, all that is no longer in alignment with your truth, ready to move into the life you were destined to live. One where you know you are more than enough, More than ready.

Envision the laughter, the heart centered true connections that last a lifetime as you are all sat around the log fire enjoying a glass of bubbles and taste tantalizing treats.

Your in the perfect place and time to unleash who you truly are, release the blocks, limiting programming that is truly stopping you achieve success, prosperity, love and just slowing you down doing what you’re most passionate about.

Yes this is our Phoenix Transformation Rise & Shine Retreat.

You will learn and see how you can create your very own piece of heaven on earth.

Through the artfully crafted journey of the Phoenix Transformation Retreat, you will clear the main limiting programming that is truly halting you in your business and life. You will be sacredly supported as you connect on a deeper level to your true self, unleashing your power within to rise like the Phoenix, strong, with a deeper sense of inner knowing.

No matter what
One thing is for certain,

You are elated with your experience. You will leave this retreat like a whole new powerful version of you, never allowing limitations to hold you back again.
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The Venue
We found Valbonne in the South of France to be another spine tingling spiritual destination in the world. Once you step foot into the village it is like a wave of peace that flows over you and immense healing. The trees, the air, the village, everywhere you turn there is beauty all around. There is a powerful energy that resides here, one where you feel called to, one that supports you in your transformation, in your rising, in your healing. It’s like this little hidden secret part of the work that holds so much power, we say you even get transformation just being here.

You will be staying here…

La Bastide De Valbonne

The La Bastide hotel is a luxury more private hotel. Four poster beds, rooms with pool view and private balcony, rustique and what we have seen is very grecian in style. Beautiful god and goddess style statues placed around.

The hotel even has a meaning of being “The happy place”.
Stunning gardens to stroll around and sit to just be at peace.
Or when we are not doing our work together you will be able to have time to lounge by the pool, sipping prosecco or wine and enjoying being in peace.

You instantly feel at ease when you arrive here, the family that own and run this space are such beautiful and warm people, that energy can be felt through the whole hotel.

We knew in an instant this is the perfect place to be for our journey together.

Rebirth, Magic and Transformation

Rising from the ashes, the Phoenix is a emblem of immortality. Reflecting transformation, the mystical fire bird contains the breath of life and is fearless as it bursts into flames.
Consider the magical power of the Phoenix as you ignite the passion in your soul and reveal your true essence.


The Cuisine

Your stay with us is ALL INCLUSIVE, you will have continental breakfast buffet supplied, one course luxury lunch and 2 course evening meal. You will receive food that will tantalize your taste buds. Served by the 5 star chefs in the adjoining family restaurant.

You will be tasting such beautiful dishes and entrees that ignite passion, joy and love, that give you the moments of going Oooooohhhhhh…
Food certainly is a way to show ourselves love, yet it doesn’t need to be bland and boring.

Moments of Pure Love

During our stay there are some juicy surprises to completely fill you up with Love. One being a special midweek treat, We will all be taking a break from the work, doing special activities that truly fill your love tanks up, fill you with laughter, beautify you and one filled with sisterhood bonding. You will also have the option to have a photoshoot done on this day, there will be group photos for you to take away. Then we end the evening with our sparkly soul dining event with Hayley.

We will be journeying out to cleanse under the waterfalls, connect with the spirit of nature so sooth and love our own souls.

Our very own fire ceremony on the shore by the sea….united together and powerfully releasing.

Click on the day to see our tentative schedule – updates added in our group. We have evening activities that collective we are deciding in the group, activities to uplift and light up our souls. .

You arrive In Valbonne for your Phoenix Transformation Retreat.
Check in time 3pm – Dinner 7pm

As we begin our Transformational retreat.
We will all meet for a wonderful relaxed evening with a beautiful meal, while we get to know each other. We will go over our plan for our time together and also be given a printed weeks schedule of plan and times for each day.
We will set our intentions for the journey ahead and hold a special group meditation to start our journey together.

Time to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix…

This is the day where we work on getting to the root cause of your “blocks” We will be working with you to release those blocks on a deep cellular level, to free you from your past in this life time and generations before you.
You will see how to hold that strength and release any pain, hurt, anger that has caused you not to achieve your desires in this lifetime or allowed you to be true to you.

Morning Meditation and Sacred Activations.

Today will be the day it’s time for you to power up in a way you have never done before. This is where you get to unleash your true self, the person you want to be.
We will work with you using Shamanic and energy practices to retrieve your power and guide you in how you can create your very own power stack protection method.

Then you will be guided to create your new blue print of the person you do want to be, the new powerful you where you get to program the success, the abundance, the health, happiness, all you desire.
You will create a plan in which you can use this further after you leave the retreat to bring you lasting results and the ability to continue to level up. Plus a bundle of tools in which to create faster results in life.

Today is a day where we connect to something that is very important. That is love, yes for you lads and lassies, this is something that is a must no matter what you do in life.

What we have found, and have been powerfully guided on is the fact that at the many root cause of all problems we have, doubts and fears there is always a lack of love.
Now we do not do this in a way that you will be forced to look in a mirror and say I love you, but you will start shining the light on love

This does not just mean loving the self but connecting to love all round. When you do this work, consistently, you put yourself in a position to attract with ease all that you love in life.

Morning Meditation and Sacred Activations

I’ve got the power…

Oh yes…. you do. You’re going to learn one of the best gifts you have been given in this life. That is the gift of one of your higher faculties, one being your intuition.
On this day you will be learning just how you can easily build your intuitive muscle…(Yes, it really is just like a muscle). How you have your very own unique guidance system, and how you can build and strengthen your connection with your higher self so that you are able to hear and see the messages from within with a new sense of knowing and deep clarity. You will harness this power within and be able to go through life, feeling and sensing with ease the best direction to go that will advance and better your life, business and relationships.

This is the day we say farewell and end our time together.

What you will see though, is that this is actually just the beginning.
With the clearance and tools you have collected on this journey you will find your life will elevated, a new profound strength and the magic that will unfold will astound you! Many have found the magic appears while they are already in Valbonne.

Check out time is 12pm, please make sure flights will be after this time.

Check in time 4:00 pm. Dinner is at 6:00 pm.

You arrive at our retreat here in Scotland on the magical event of the solar eclipse.

We are being powerfully supported by the cosmos in our transformational journey together.

I was guided to the dates that the retreat was to be held and then guided to check and see what was happening with the planets around this time. Which is when I learned on the very day we begin, that is when there is a solar eclipse.

Together we unite, bond with our sisters and as we begin this powerful life changing journey, we will hold our very first release ceremony. Leaving all that does not serve us behind.

Time to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix…

Morning Kundalini Yoga meditation with Hayley.

Breakfast with mimosas.

Then united together, we work on digging deep into the very root cause of all that has kept you hidden, fearful and blocked. What has kept you stuck in life or feeling like you only go at a snail’s pace. Through this day you will have released the shackles and bring freedom to your heart, mind and soul. You will rise, more powerful and stronger than ever before.

The work we do together in our tribe will guide you in finally seeing your truth. Seeing your worth, and allowing you to see the true power you each hold within yourself to get results that last a lifetime.

Afternoon Lunch and time to rest.

Evening meal and feel good evening activity.

Love, love, love ya baby…

Today is your special treat day, filled with some juicy surprises. Goddess has risen, you are a powerful badass Goddess and deserve to be treated as such.

As much as I want to spill the beans on all you will be getting on this day, it’s good to keep a little surprise. I mean, who doesn’t love surprises now and then right?

Self love is key to achieving all our heart desires and on this day you will learn just how to amp up your self love tanks. How you can add in, each day of your life, more and more love so that every day, you attract the beautiful experiences, people that contribute to your heart singing.

I will assure you, your heart will be filled with love, your soul will be sparkling and you will also have you surprise gift package to go along with this day for you to use at home.

If that wasn’t enough, we will also have the beautiful experience of the soul sparkly dinner on this evening with the beautiful sparkly goddess, Haylee Hunter Hines.

On this evening please bring an outfit with you that truly makes you feel like a Goddess, Something that you feel good in.

You will have the opportunity to have some group photos done on this day, you are welcome to also have some brand photios organised, please contact to arrange.

Morning Kundalini Yoga meditation with Hayley.

Breakfast with mimosas.

I’ve got the power…
Oh yes…. you do. You’re going to learn one of the best gifts you have been given in this life. That is the gift of one of your higher faculties, your intuition.
On this day you will be learning just how you can easily build your intuition muscle…(yes, it really is just like a muscle). How you have your very own unique guidance system, and how you can build and strengthen your connection with your higher self so that you are able to hear and see the messages from within with a new sense of knowing and deep clarity. You will harness this power within and be able to go through life, feeling and sensing with ease the best direction to go that will advance and better your life.

After Lunch you have again another soul sparkly treat with attending the workshop with Hayley from Soul Sparkle Living – Creating A Magical Life.

We will be united for our evening dinner with another taste tantalizing dish from around the world and then moving on to our positive upliftment evening activities.

Kundalini Yoga meditation with Hayley.

Breakfast party.

Today is yet another special day…
We all want to be living a life that we love and adore right? We want to do what we love, what lights up our soul and allows us to truly shine from within.
With the powerful work we have done through the week, you are in the perfect space and time for the guidance to flow through you for unleashing how to bring about your hearts desires. The inspiration floods through and the way suddenly becomes clear.

Kristi talks about starting (or upleveling your current business), a business that is aligned with your passion, desires, and freedom. So you can have the time and money for the desires you crave, whether that’s to be with your family, traveling, or relaxing next to the sea.

We will discuss what the other high figure earners use to bring money while they sleep, multiple sources of Income, and sale funnels and systems and structure so you can succeed and live an abundant lifestyle!

On this very important evening we will be having a special celebration of partaking in a magical mystical ceremony. Fire walking (of course you will not be forced in this and you can decide last minute).

Then after we will share a toast and partake in some dancing.

Our farewell breakfast together we will be going over our very own personal plan and checklist to continue the work when you get home. Because although we may be saying farewell… this is not the end, this is just the beginning.

This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions, check we have everything in place so you can keep moving on with this energy and magic we have created.

There is an added extra you can upgrade to and that is to stay an extra two nights and join a few of us on some excursions around the areas. Visiting the Fairy caves and also the praying hands of Mary. Plus we will be taking a visit to the Mary Magdalene line and more. Should you wish to join us please contact to book as this will be an added extra.


So you may be asking, What do I really gain for our 5 nights together…

You will be true to who YOU want to be, inspired to live a life you completely adore and love. Brimming with pride of all that you are…

You will have such an immense new sense of power as you will be able to now hear clearly the message of your soul, the guidance from your own intuition. Trusting in yourself and able to make decisions aligned with your soul purpose in relationships, business and personal life.
You will be in the perfect space and time, where the floodgates will be opened, the inspiration flows and an abundance of AHA’s come through, where we will be guiding and supporting you put a plan in action to uplevel and move beyond the barriers to thriving.

Talk about Powerful love and awakening….

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Want to find out even more? Of course you do…

More on the retreat below, first would you like to meet your retreat guides?



Bryanna Emma Black is your Transformational Business Enhancer,
Energy worker & Spirit Channeler.
Also a Proctor & Gallagher Consultant, and a mother to six boys living a life she truly loves and adores in Scotland.

Bryanna’s mission is to inspire service based entrepreneurs and business owners (or those aspiring to be) to see their own power and use that to achieve success in earning from their passion and purpose. Guiding them to rise above the barriers and limitations to live a life they love and adore.

Bryanna has this natural ability to see how others can make more money and advance their businesses…

Bryanna’s passion came from a life filled with her own heartache and despair. Many failed relationships, no career and life-long illnesses pushed Bryanna to study intensely with healing, self-love and a journey to gain her power. She spent 10 years studying and working with Holistic, spiritual and Natural Healing, received diplomas and many certificates in a wide range of modalities including Energy work, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Development. She also became a passionate advocate of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks’s work for spiritual development, including working with Angels, Ascended masters and All Divine.
Plus spent a year long intense study program with Bob Proctor, when she also had studied with internet marketing and other online businesses which all help her now with wisdom to propel her clients from broke to booming in sometimes just weeks. She then went on to further master the mind and joined the ranks to become a certified consultant with the Bob Proctor Company using one of their top success programs to support you in achieving results that exceed your wildest dreams

Power Packed Ann Varney

Ann is a Spiritual and Transformational guide, unlike many others…

She works with women and men supporting you to finally be freed from the deep-rooted energy and subconscious blocks within, allowing you to have the clarity, drive and ease with achievements with your goals and desires…

Ann is highly trained with her profession in Hypnotherapy, trained with some of the best in the world within her field. She has a wide range of degrees and diplomas which can be seen on her site, she also blends this with her spiritual teachings using her Shamanic practices and energy work.

She tunes into your energy and spirit to bring a powerful blend of healing, completely with what you are needing at that moment. Many seeing instant results after just one session.

Blending our work together will be nothing like you have experienced before, prepare for shifts to happen and a new life unfolds before your very eyes…


Soul Sparkly Goddess
Hayley Hunter Hines

Hayley Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual guide and author of the forthcoming book Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life. She is also the host of Soul Sparkle Radio.

She holds degrees in Nutrition and Health Promotion Management and has twenty years in the corporate well being industry in executive leadership positions. She has consulted with over 200 employers to create health management programs, led strategy, innovation and product management teams for national wellness companies and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry events. Hayley is a prominent expert in her field.

She has her 200 hour Yoga teacher certification in Kundalini Yoga, tantra and traditional Hatha Yoga. She is also a Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Wellness Program Director from the National Wellness Institute and she is trained in mindfulness and meditation.

Hayley has been described as being; one part fun fairy and one part wise sage, with all parts sparkle. She has a burning desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and the sparkle within.



While we are together Bryanna and Ann will be guiding you through the Phoenix Transformation with some juicy extras

Phoenix Transformation is FREEDOM in itself, you will truly see your power within, deepen the connection to your true self, your higher self and allow that to shine for the rest of the world to see. Together we grow, and enhance our connection to our souls purpose, allowing you to have such immense inner knowing, trust and an ability to see the answers for yourself.

When you have gone through your transformational journey, working from the core up, you are in the perfect space and time to allow your passion, purpose and TRUE hearts desires to come to light. You will be ready and sacredly supported for the inflow of inspiration to come flooding through with the steps to achieve a life, loving what you do.



  • 5 nights Private or shared occupancy in luxury secluded hotel – 1 Kingsize bed to each room, Ensuite and also with private balcony with pool side rooms. You can all sit and raise a glass to each other from your very own rooms.
  • Transfers from and to Nice City Airport. Best to have your flights coming in before 2.30pm as check in time is 3pm. Checkout on Saturday morning is 12pm, We will contact you to arrange this.
  • FULL BOARD – INCLUDING BOTTLES OF BUBBLY AND WINE IN YOUR ROOMS, breakfasts, lunches, dinners. All divine foods to tantalize the taste buds (Contact us for dietary needs).
  • Fresh fruits, snack, chocolates, drinks throughout the day.
  • 5 days meditations, Sacred Activations
  • .

  • Guided energy healing and meditations throughout your stay. We will also have a massage table available should anyone wish to book extra treatments.
  • Special luxury gift pack to take home with you… We don’t play small, this is something truly special and divine.
  • You will also receive a kit for you to use along with the exercises we do, so you can get straight to work when you are home.
  • Group photographs will be taken and you will get a copy of those, options for private photographs will be available.
  • Access to a private support group for you and your sisters to connect and continue the support and work after the event. The event does not end, it’s just the beginning.

Not included: Flights, private photo shoot, drinks with the meals). 
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After being at the first event, we calculated all the details and put everything together, this retreat has a value of £4500 Yet Bryanna has worked her magic as always…

Still giving you the luxurious, power packed event, for an exchange that will still leave you feeling light and free.

You will be staying in a luxury room with a King size bed for 5 nights. The price is per person, You can also save money should you wish to share with someone.

Exchange for this life changing retreat is…

There is space for 10, more should you wish to share.

Early Bird Rate if booked by 15th December – £2900 sole occupancy, £2497 shared.

SPECIAL BOOKING OFFER, Book for just £200 per person starting payment option February 12th of £483.33 per month until July 12th for sole occupancy.

£416.16 per month Feb to July for shared occupancy.

15th December this will raise to full rate of £3900 sole and £3250 shared.

Payment options available up until June the 29th. Fully paid by July 15th 2019

Disclaimer: Each client may not take the guest hosts and Positive Power Healing’s information or ideas or use photos, films, etc.


Copyright 2017 Bryanna Emma Black Positive Power Healing, LTD.